Interested in natural beauty aids?

We are a group of students from Mumbai who have just finished our school leaving exams! We love natural remedies and avoid bottled products for taking care of our hair and skin.

We want to share our beauty recipes that are made of things found in everyone’s kitchen and we invite you to send in your recipes too. We will talk about things to eat as well as to apply on our skin and hair.

Written by Aakash, Savita, Ramesh, Sonal, Umesh, Kusum and VikasBeauty in your kitchen group

Are you worried about losing your hair? Here are some foods you can eat regularly to prevent hair loss:

What to Eat for Hair Fall
Photo courtesy hairwefts.blogspot.in/ for photo of What to Eat for Hair Fall

Fenugreek seeds (methi)
Sweet potato
Yoghurt and other dairy products

We will share our secrets in future blogs …

Protect your skin from the burning summer sun

Photo courtesy beautytips4her.com

Try this refreshing banana face mask after you return from being out in the sun.

For this you need bananas, egg and yoghurt.

Take two bananas and mash them up.

Add one white of egg.

Add three spoons of yoghurt in that.

Combine all these to make a mashed mixture.

Apply this all over your face and keep it for 15 minutes.

Then wash it off with cool water.